Sønderho Harbour and the Beacon

Sønderho once had a real harbor with large sailing ships and shipyards, as seen in the picture to the right in 1931. It was up to the last century possible to sail to Sønderho with smaller boats. Today, there is not much water left.

But there are now initiatives to restore the harbor, and as you can see, the digging started some years ago.

While the organizers are working to get the harbor deepened, they also have restored the ancient beacon and landmark "Kåveren". They succeeded in 2011, as evidenced by the picture here.

The organizers have started the association "Sønderho Havn Støtteforening", and on their web site you may find more information.
Contact information:

Niels Oesten, Webmaster
Sønderho Citizens' Association
Digevej 2, Sønderho
DK-6720 Fanø